Fabric Shield Australia

Fabric Shield Australia offers the most cost effective fabric protection system on the market. Whether you are at home doing it yourself or if you are a commercial cleaner or manufacturer of fabric goods, Fabric Shield products are available to you in any required quantities!


  • Cost Benefits

    Cost Benefits

    Having your fabric and textiles treated with fabric protection will ensure the longevity of the material thereby reducing costs of repair or replacing the product. Fabric protection is relatively inexpensive for the cost benefits it offers!

  • Current uses

    Current uses

    Fabric protection can be applied to any fabrics or house hold furniture, chairs, lounges, drapery, kitchen cloths, pillows, mattresses, drapery, shoes, caps, carpets and even hard porous surfaces!

  • DIY Aerosol Cans

    DIY Aerosol Cans

    Our off the shelf 400 grams areosol cans are the most effective way for the householder to treat their fabrics. The 400 gram can is the biggest can on the market and ensures you have enough to do a small lounge with, saving you hundreds of dollars!

  • Fabric Protection in action

    Fabric Protection in action

    Watch the demos to see how effective our fabric protector is!!

Fabric Shield applications

Fabric protection is applied to a multitude of settings both domestic and commercial. Fabric protection provides protection, easy maintenance and a longer life expectancy for you fabric furniture or interior.

Fabric Shield

Fabric Shield

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Fabric Shield has been supplying fabric protection and leather protection system for well over 15 years