Will Fabric Protector affect the way the fabric feels?

Fabric protector is NOT a water proofing agent! Fabric protector is a Teflon polymer that fuses itself to the fibres of the fabric and not around the outside of it.

Because of this the fabric is not “coated” with any kind of seal. The fabric is not affected by feel or colour!!!

How long will the fabric be protected for once treated?

We guarantee the fabric will be protected against all kinds of stains such as coffee, coca cola,water, oil, blood, human and animal oils, urine for a period of 5 Years.

This takes in to consideration how the fabric is used of course!

Is fabric protection harmful to the environment?

In short no it is not harmful to the environment once dry on the fabric it does not run or bleed on to clothes or other material that come sin to contact with.

Our fabric protector is 100% safe to use on homes with children and pets and is 100% non carcinogenic.

Can I use fabric protector on non fabric materials?

Yes you can!! fabric protection is extremely good with suede leathers, such as shoes and handbags and ensures that these leathers do not stain when they come in to contact with water.

Fabric protector is also used on industrial paper filters.


How long doe sit take for the fabric protection to take full effect after treating the fabric?

Usually 24 hours, our Quick Dry II is dry enough to move your furniture back in place after 15 minutes!